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“I know you judge, don’t lie. Judgments are human habits, almost as repetitive as our innermost carnal desires. Some express it, some deny it. Some cover it, some overlook it.  But I would prefer if your judgments were NOT based on race, ethnicity, color, nationality, mental and physical ability- but instead was based on karma.

Making sure that the see-saw of the world remains balanced.

Artwork of the day.

Titled: Green See-Saw.



The paths meet. I know.

I’m posting another one of my artwork today.                                                               We all speak about finding our way. It’s so important. The structured lives lived by us, provoke us to believe that there can be only one path. And that bothers me.

We proclaim about great accomplishments, great things being done. ‘Great’ is such an overused word. But, it’s also one of the best words I know. Regardless of the path you choose- it’ll be great.

Jack Kerouac said, “I have nothing to offer anyone except my own confusion.” sometimes, when choosing the path, a lot of distractions will offer you their confusion. Offering our own opinion is so vital to our existence.

And that’s when those paths meet. The path you never chose will meet, entangle and tie itself to the path you chose.

Don’t worry.

Look at this artwork, you’ll understand.