I’m honestly trying to understand what it means to be a human in this world. I write because I can and I make art because I want to. There aren’t any ‘ifs’s’ and ‘but’s’ in my whimsicals and I function in a simple order.

I ask questions and I seek until I find an answer to them. Most days, I do find what I’m looking for.

I never get bored of talking and interacting with people. Some of my most interesting stories have evoked from this need to ‘know’. I’m curious about the way the world works. I write about my experiences and I like upfront people. Because I’ve been corrected in my past, I’m accepting and versatile in the present. I do not judge, yet I find it intriguing when people judge me: I learn how it feels to be looked at in a new light.

I’m  also learning how to keep it real and how vast the world is in *actuality*.

Hit me up on the ‘Write to me” page and perhaps my quirkiness will entertain you.


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