I’m honestly trying to understand what it means to be a human in this world. I write because I can and I make art because I want to. There aren’t any ‘ifs’s’ and ‘but’s’ in my whimsicals and I function in a simple order.

I ask questions and I seek until I find an answer to them. Most days, I do find what I’m looking for. I don’t want to be vague and random, so let me type out the stereotypical way to introduce oneself.

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I’m Khushboo Shah and I’m 18 years young. I will be joining university next year. Currently I am on a gap year and reside in India. I’m an Indian, I work for a newspaper, I am active on Instagram, I tweet sometimes, and Facebook is for the people I know personally. I never get bored of talking and interacting with people. Some of my most interesting stories have evoked from this need to ‘know’. I’m curious about the way the world works. I write about my experiences and I like upfront people. Because I’ve been corrected in my past, I’m accepting and versatile in the present. I do not judge, yet I find it intriguing when people judge me: I learn how it feels to be looked at in a new light.

Now, I do not believe in long, over exaggerating ‘learn about me’ sentences like – “I’m-a-cappuccino-loving-girl-living-in-a-mocha-late-world-of-platonic-love-and-irrational-conversations-overflowing-with-an-essence-of-my-sense-of-being.”I have nothing against coffee lovers and honestly, I love it when people get the sugar in my coffee right. Besides, flowery sentences are enchanting only when you have the charisma to speak them out aloud. I’m  also learning how to keep it real and how vast the world is in *actuality*.

Hit me up on the ‘Write to me” page and perhaps my quirkiness will entertain you.


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