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Acceptance is a happy feeling. To feel accepted, is to feel loved. It’s thrilling, it’s engaging – and it’s also a very good boost for your self-esteem. Since ‘acceptance’ holds such a powerful place in our life, I remember a few days ago,typing out a post of gratefulness, and thanking you readers for visiting my blog and making what I write valuable. I also made a link available where people can ask me questions, as I saw numerous people doing so by leaving questions in the comment section of Stained Love.

So today, literally, out of mere curiosity, I decided to reopen that link and see what people wished to ask and know. I thought I would get a very small response with probably just general questions. What server do I use to blog, do I need to code to use WordPress – you know easy stuff. However, the questions I have received are so different, and definitely entertaining.

Thank you, you courageous people for sending out what you think and feel.  Thank you, for trusting me with your thoughts and questions.  And, my, I’m definitely surprised by the kinds of thoughts that run into people’s minds – and more importantly, by the kinds of things that happen to them.

Here’s what people have asked, and yes, I accept all of your weirdness.

I get coffee for the guy I work with everyday. He smiles takes the coffee and then we don’t talk all day. I see him when we get off work sometimes. Like I see him catch a cab and if I am walking out of the building at the same time, then he smiles. I get coffee everyday because it’s my job to deliver coffee. I work as a support staff. I may like him, should I ask him out?

Since you mention that you may like him, it’s pretty obvious that you’re clear about your feelings for him. Honestly, your social status shouldn’t pull you back from asking him out. If you don’t talk him at all, apart from giving him coffee, then I suggest you get to know him a bit. Does he have a spouse? Another romantic interest, maybe? If he doesn’t, and if he’s single, you can subtly throw hints if you’re interested. But, remember, men need space and being cheesy and over-the-top can irk them. Initiate some small talk with him, and to get on with your bold and badass side, and just ask him out if you must.


I get wired if I listen to some hardcore R & B and Hip Hop. My girlfriend doesn’t like it because it kills her vibe. She’s a feminist and is really strong about what she likes and hates. I don’t want to upset her, but when we go for long trips I want to be able to listen to what I like too. Is there a way around this feminist thing?

What a good question, and more than that I think that you’re such a great boyfriend. Your girlfriend can’t misuse feminist ideology like that. If you like to listen to something, and she doesn’t – there has to be a way through which you both can get what you want.*Earphones, flip coins, make a bet*. It’s important to be stern on your opinions. Just a heads up: that’s exactly, what feminism is about, to have an equal right – to have an equal choice. Sit her down and tell her that she’s being unfair. If she threatens to break up, take her to Ben and Jerry’s, feed her and dump her. You don’t need such negativity in your life.

My grand pop might have a problem with me making glitter art and sculptures in my free time. I took wood carving as a high school class last semester and it was fun. I wanna continue it, but I think my grand pop might find it weird as he’s a lil conservative and this is a new thing for our family as most of my aunts and uncles are into scientific fields and research. I wanna continue and you blog, so it’d be cool if you tell me how you do your thing and don’t let other people’s opinions matter.

People are always going to have an opinion. Why? Because, they are people. That’s what they do. The word ‘people’ itself is like a blank facade; people are anonymous – and opinions are shared anonymously because they have the intention to hurt you. I do not care about the shady opinions people throw at me. I believe that since this is my life, I should have the most say about what’s  going on. It’s important for you to continue to do what makes you happy. If your wood shop makes you happy, then do it. Sit with your grandfather and explain to him why does this make you happy. You need some positivity in your life man. If you really have to convince him, get your grandfather to work with you, to show him how awesome you are at what you do.

I’m nineteen and I want to marry . . . my boyfriend. We like each other, we’re clean (if you know what I mean), I’m mature and he says he’s ready. I posted what I was feeling on different blogs and agony aunt pages. Most people tell me to wait and take it slow. I want this bad and I’m going to give this a shot by asking you what I could do. It’s like I’m sure but I don’t know if I’m completely prepared. Can someone live their life on love?

This is a tough one. Being young doesn’t give you the license to be naive. Marriage is huge, and honestly, ask yourself whether you want the ‘wedding’ or the ‘marriage’. Wedding means the celebration, the glamour, the flowers, the attention – and marriage means lifelong commitment. It means that you are ready to grow old with this person. You’re nineteen, I don’t know how deep your affection for this boy is, and how much you feel for him. But remember, apart from love, there are other things you should think about. Like education, like your own personal dreams and aspirations. Life isn’t a California sunset or a Northern Lights spectacle. If you think marrying this boy will allow you to be a better person and get you more focused, than do it. But remember, that every regret has a price to pay. So, I’d suggest take a day off and do everything what you like. Go wild. Come back, sleep and then, if you still feel the same, then you’ll get your answer.

My roomie says she can’t live with me eating peanut butter toasts every morning as the smell gets her nauseous. Last night I spread peanut butter all over her crunchies and lipsticks. I think the spread mixed with her lipsticks and hand lotions. I don’t even know what happened but she came home so happy because her boyfriend couldn’t stop kissing her and suddenly all her products give out this yummy smell. I think I should tell her that she owes me one and get her to do all my laundry. But I am scared she’ll freak out and kick me out of the apartment. She pays the rent entirely but does great laundry as her clothes smell so nice all the time. Lmao. Can’t believe I’m taking to the internet to ask what to do but lol, should I just tell her

I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re actually serious, but if this happened, and this is what you’re thinking after – than girl, you definitely are messed up. You have to, have to, have to give your roommate her personal space. You had no right to go over to her belongings, mess around, SMELL HER LAUNDRY! and now want to take credit for screwing around. You messed up, but luckily, it worked out well for her. I hate to say this, but you’re selfish and instead of trying to make things even more worse for her and yourself – come clean. Tell her how you pranked her, apologize and seriously, get yourself educated on what it means to have PERSONAL SPACE.

. hey girl can you code because I swear if your HTML is on point, I’ll buy you a java. Can I use this to pick up girls? My friend says girls are into pick up lines.

I can’t even . . . You know what? How about you attend a Russell Peters show and ask him if this pick-up line will work. Trust me, you’ll have the time of your life.

. . . .

What are we even coming to?


So, this is the end to this blog post and these questions. I’ll post another one soon, if I get any new questions. If you want to ask me any questions, than you can use this link. It’s completely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about getting identified.

See you next time!

Take care 

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