How Art Creates Itself

Artwork created by author: Khushboo Shah 

Yes, controversial ‘easy-to-make painting selling in millions’ exists. But, do not get carried by those who say that “art is easy.” Though we choose to create differently, a creator lies in all of us. There are five stages to any artwork. The first one includes the ‘Stage of The Muse’. This is when inspiration seeks you. Remember that if you ever try to seek inspiration, then you’ll fail – because inspiration can never be forced. Once inspiration arrives, the next step is to ‘unleash’. It is an over-exaggerated idea that an artwork is perfect with its first, initial paint strokes. The early brush strokes, pencil sketches, charcoal drawings are just the preliminary stages. They’re the stages that help you decide between what feels right and what does not. The next is the ‘decision state’. That’s when you decide what element of the artwork should be kept and what should be discarded. The phase is one of the most clandestine stages of artists. Most amateurs deny that this stage exists for they believe that this accepting the existence of this state for them is like “questioning their credibility.” And this is the – ‘Planning stage’. Though I’ve placed this as the fourth stage– there is no one, particular way when this state is exercised. Sometimes, the ‘planning stage’ is the first step. As an artist, it is very important to balance the light, tone, mood, aesthetic composure and visual narrative of an artwork. This stage establishes whether the artwork is moving in the right direction or not – and if not, then provides the incentive to correct the flawed areas.  While these stages are being executed by an artist, simultaneously, the artist also experiments with his/her artwork. ‘Execution’ is a stage which runs progressively throughout and consequently – even when all other stages are being carried forward. The end result – or the finished artwork is always something that satisfies the artist.

And what I mean by that is that, an artist is someone who will always works for himself/herself. It is not fame or popularity that are an artist’s identity. Instead, it’s art and the ability and necessity to create are an artist’s identity. Subtle layers of an artist’s imagination are embedded in the artwork. To comprehend the depth of these layers one needs to learn how to ‘feel’ art and not merely view it. For even though art is created, it’s depths need to be felt.

Watch this video – you’ll know what I mean.


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