Young and Beautiful – An illustration.

Watch the illustration here.

There’s always a different aura about a young person. Sometimes, it is intoxicating. Sometimes, it is alluring. Sometimes, it is breathtaking. Sometimes, it is disillusioning.

I like young people. They always smell of wanderlust.

Do you know why?

It is because the young ones have overlapped themselves with an aura of speed. In my mother tongue, we call it ‘Raftar’. It is the ‘fastness’ of life that intimidates us, sometimes annihilates us but mostly provokes us to do something better.

There are some sporadic moments that save us from the unnecessary and blatant ‘rush’. These moments define the line between a ‘rushed life’ and a ‘speedy life’. It is like driving through a highway with the windows up. The speedometer shows 100 km/h yet still you can’t feel the rush. The AC has mellows the speed down for you. You’re enjoying the best of both worlds. You get to sit inside and retain your calm and simultaneously watch mighty life pass outside.

A speedy life is a life of no stagnancy.

A rushed life is a life only of stagnancy.



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