Recipe to be a Society Accepted Narcissist

Fill a cup with ego to the brim.

Make sure that ego is baked with self-interest and superiority priorly.

Grate self-worth to add premature taste.

Let this paste settle for two minutes.

Then, add it to the cooking pot with a pinch of dignity.

Self-regulate to affirm that the color is of willpower and the pace is of excellence, blend courage with pride.

Once the basics have been attained,

Scramble selfishness and beat it with patience.

Slice criticism to mix it with straightforwardness,

Grill it with resilience and place it aside.

In a separate bowl, mix selfishness with goodwill.

Make small balls out of them and fry them in patience.

Keep medium flame.

Remove it off the flame just when it radiates confidence.


To make the sauce of satisfaction:

Spread humility over accomplishment,

Allow both to simmer in failure,

Strengthen humility with some more persistence,

If necessary, sauté them with enthusiastic determination,

Be careful to not burn the fragile corners with jealousy.

Take a tray and layer it with this sauce,

Add the previously grilled and fried items to it,

To make sure, the mixture doesn’t turn sadistic – layer it with kindness.

Make small balls of lost sorrow and fake happiness so that melt into each other to form relief.

We will need to barbecue it, so that the scars turn into valor,

Make sure the barbecue turns out right by grinding faith with hope,

Sprinkle it like compassion for extra seasoning.

Grease out the negativity and open the tray to freshness,

Now, instead of using the open-air barbecue,

Roast it, allowing the contents to learn the balance between short time and short spaces,

Finally, garnish it with limits and integrity;

Letting the aroma of charisma and warmth travel across households worldwide.


Tip: Do not use alcohol and drugs to add zest – use art and sport instead.

Three Additional Tips:

  • Truly believe that this recipe is needed to live the human experience on Earth. To brew success, the secret ingredient is ‘Belief’.
  •  Be your own chef to get the best benefits.
  • Avoid hurting or scraping too many ingredients in the wrong places. If done, a lot of burns will occur.Then, as a treatment, apply ailment to the burnt areas and begin again.

Warning: Stay away from hate, bad company, fake friends and fake well-wishers.



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