A tilted delight.

IMG_20160806_010357I’ve always wondered how people feel light headed when they drink. My vow of abstaining from alcohol has never let me actually feel that light-headedness. Not that I regret it, but the curiousity bug in me always makes me wonder. I once read a quote by Buddha, “when you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh.”

I observed a feather. It was calm, serene, beautiful. There was nothing chaotic about it, there was no noise about it. We’ve all enjoyed our childhood the most because there was nothing chaotic about us, there was no trauma- there was no noise to kill our vibe.

I remember that summer of 69′ lyric right now -“Those were the best days of my life.” Maybe, we’re all like that feather. Only now, we’re trapped in a jar of our own worries, our own emotional anxieties. We can let go- but the real question is, ‘Do we wish to?’ 

Our muse needs to be kept alive, we all need to unleash that feather of thought, action and verse.

“Let your dreams and desires breathe.”


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