Brazen Lights

I read this now, with a painstaking smile wrapped around my lips.

I claimed to love one, when I was bound to the other.

I ran away from this love and I’ve watched it flame up in the vengeance of my ego.

I understood that we wouldn’t and this wouldn’t work and I wondered how important I was to him.

I dance to the keys of my ivories as I transpired the writer’s vibe.

Maybe, I will find love in a lonesome forgotten bar of Russia, and he will be there.

Counting his last breath as I walk in,

Breathing air into him, his heart will pump and we will start living.

The vodka flirted with your throat and I knew that a lost elixir was haunting you down,

It was never the orthodox life for me, but I wonder for how long I can lie.

So then, I stopped living the lie and tried to live the truth.

But it was hard.

And I was scared.

So I wondered.

Wondered in the brazen lights of your love and I wanted to scream but I was in trance.

The weed smothered on my lips, and trust me, I thought I wouldn’t survive.

But you told me, that I will.

So I tried and you said “I’ll be fine”.

So today, when I leave you in this Maya, stay blessed, for I promise to return.

In flesh and wounds.

In soiled color.

And, with a caressed soul.

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